Friday, October 15, 2010

Davia Temin Has Convinced Me...

I need to learn more about finances. Personal and otherwise.

For anyone who just missed the name of the free financial "bootcamp" Davia Temin just mentioned, you can find it at You can create an action plan on your personal finances, create a budget based on your income, learn more about investing or dissect your retirement plan.

It looks like I have some work cut out for me over the winter break.

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  1. Hi, all. So the point is that money really is one major aspect of power..and empowerment. Women who delegate their financial well-being to others, or don't embrace their obligation to take care of themselves first, and then use their resources to influence the world, are missing a crucial path to power.

    This is especially important for young women! Hence the importance of financial literacy program, like the excellent LearnVest.

    The research presented at the conference is part of a growing body of research on how women invest and relate to money... In my opinion, it is important for us to not only be consumers with our money, but investors, influencers, and, yes, power-brokers. Another way to close the gender gap!